Conceptualized by the owner himself with the help of a young and reputable architect from Cebu, the structures are Filipino contemporary in style and have been designed and built with sensitivity to the environment.

Inspired by a vision, the owner slowly built this hidden paradise by carefully following the land’s terrain and rocky cliffs so as not to drastically alter the environment.


Scattered in a rolling landscape of colorful gardens and trees, the cottages are constructed with coco lumber, hard wood, bamboo, amakan, and nipa and complemented with interesting artifacts and collection of antiques the family has acquired from their home province of Negros.

The property provides luxurious and spacious accommodation (12,000 square meters) for up to 60 guests.  All rooms are built overlooking a spectacular view of the turquoise sea.

Seaside Villas

The Seaside Villas enjoy commanding views of the sea.  Constructed with a blend of hardwood, concrete, bamboo and nipa, each villa has a large bedroom, a spacious bathroom, and a pocket garden at the back.  Both villas may be fan or air-con cooled depending on guest preference.  One villa has a large viewing deck with a day bed.  Both villas have sliding doors that open up to provide full view of the sea.

Garden Villas

The Bahay Kubo inspired Garden Villas are built with Coco lumber, Molave, Bamboo, Amakan, and Nipa.  These villas are built for small to medium sized families.  Each villa can accommodate 4 persons and may be fan or air-con cooled depending on guest preference.

Hilltop & Seaside Cabanas

Protected by white flowing curtains and cooled by ceiling fans, the Hilltop and Seaside Cabanas are a favorite of guests looking for the seduction of the wild or the relaxation of the sea breeze.  The Seaside Cabana is just steps from the beach sea while the Hilltop Cabana is located in the upper gardens of the property.

Bali Houses

Built with coco lumber, amakan, and nipa, with only curtains to separate you from the rest of the resort, the Bali Houses were made for beachcombers who want to enjoy the beach in utmost simplicity.

The Pavillion

The Pavilion is the main structure of the resort. Built with Filipino hardwoods Molave, Yakal, and Tanguile, this magnificent edifice is positioned at the center of the resort and designed for entertainment and relaxation of the guests. Here you’ll find antique Filipino day beds, sala sets and tables coupled with modern Dedon loungers.

The Family Cottage